Wooden Serving Tray

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  • WC – 3018

    This wooden tray is made of pine wood, there is space to hold it from both side. It can be used to serve variety of dishes.
  • WC – 3017

    This wooden tray is made of high quality pine wood. It is simple but unique in style. The side of the tray are broad as to get a good grip of the hands on it.
  • WC – 3016

    This tray is a designer tray. It is designed for hotel rooms and for home - makers who require to keep many items in the tray at a time. It is made from pine wood and is painted brown in color.
  • WC – 3015

    This is an exclusive tray for gifting purposes. It is made of Pine Wood and is painted white in color. It can be customized as per requirement and colors like white, brown, reddish brown can also be made. On both the sides of the tray a golden color metal handle has been fitted for easy lift purpose.
  • WC – 3014

    This is a Wooden Teak Wood Tray made from Teak Wood with a golden handle. This tray has a natural color of wood is very sturdy and has long shelf life. This is an awesome tray to gift on some festive occasions. It comes with the company's box packing. It can also be customized.
  • WC – 3013

    This is a Classic Steam Beech Tray with a sturdy handle so that it does not slip of your hands. It's made up of steam beech wood. It also has horizontal slots to give a different yet simple look.
  • WC – 3012

    This is a Farsan Tray. It is made from Pine Wood and the base is plywood. The handle is given a slight dome type or semi - circle which makes it easy to hold. This tray can be easily affordable to homemakers and also used as a corporate gifting product.
  • WC – 3011

    This is a Chair Tray, a multipurpose tray with number of uses. Since its handles are made from pine wood it gives it a sturdy look. This can be customized as per requirement and this tray's uniqueness is its look and its made.