We do consider refund requests but only under certain conditions. Refunds will be provided only if all the following conditions are fully met:

A refund will be provided if the product is severly damaged and has issues, which we are unable to fix, even after support requests have been made.
If the refund request is made within 15 days of the original product purchase date.

Refunds will not be provided for incompatibility with third party products.
You need to have a valid reason, to not use the product. Woodcraft India works to create awesome products and we expect you to understand the product and the offerings before making a purchase. We hold complete rights to deny a refund request if we do not believe the reason to be valid.
Refunds will not be provided if the prerequisites for using the product are not met.

Refunds will not be provided for products purchased on sale or using a discount coupon.

Product customization will be treated as a additional service request, and no refund will be offered once the order is initiated.
We have documentation in place for you to help make a better decision. If still in doubt, we request you to email us your queries at [email protected]