Wooden Serving Tray

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  • WC – 3010

    This is a Boat Tray and is made from Steam Beech Wood. It looks like a boat in water and has slots in - between. This type of tray is usually used in hotels bathrooms for keeping in toiletries.
  • WC – 3009

    This is Acrylic Teak Tray and its uniqueness is that, that it has a transparent base in the form of acrylic. It is a glass like material. This gives the tray a unique look and its sides are supported by a strong wood known as teak wood.
  • WC – 3008

    This is a Combo Tray which is made from two kinds of wood steam beech and teak wood. This is a multipurpose tray and its surface is made from a heavy wood to keep the base as strong as possible. It can be customized in the form of size, color and branding as per requirement.
  • WC – 3007

    This Golden Handle Tray is a combination of two woods steam beech and teak respectively. It has both the characteristics of steam beech and teak and rusty metallic color handle which is used for giving a grip to the hands from both sides. This is a slightly bigger than normal trays and used for serving in luxury hotels and banquets.
  • WC – 3006

    This Glass Slot Tray in Wood is multi - use tray. It can be used for keeping different kinds of sachets or for keeping different kinds of dry fruits during festival seasons. It is made from Pine Wood.
  • WC – 3005

    Strong Wood Handle Tray is made from Pine wood. This tray is a multipurpose tray and is used for serving variety of dishes. This tray has been polished and given a matt finish. It can be customized as per requirements of the clients.
  • WC – 3004

    Polished Pine Wood Tray is made from Natural Pine Wood. This tray is very light in weight. It is light yellowish white in color. Due to its lightness it can be used in hotels kitchens, homes, restaurants, offices, etc. This tray can be customized and can be price competitive for bulk orders.
  • WC – 3003

    Raw Pine Wood Tray is made from Pine Wood. This tray is very light in weight and since it is raw it can be polished. On both the sides of the tray there is a space to hold the tray. This tray can be customized in size and color, as per requirement.
  • WC – 3002

    Dry fruits Tray are made from Teak Wood. It has a natural brownish color. It is a simple yet unique tray. It is used in houseware and kitchen items. The sides of the tray are broad as to get a good grip of the hands on it.