Wooden Jewellery Boxes

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  • Jewellery Box – 10

    This is a multi - purpose box. The box is made from pine Wood. The top of the box has strips of Teak Wood for decorative purpose. The box also has locking system.
  • Jewellery Box – 8

    This is a small box which can be used for as cufflink box and also as earring box. It is made from Natural Pine Wood. It is totally customizable as per clients' requirements.
  • Jewellery Box – 7

    This is a multi - purpose box, with multi - purpose uses. It can be used as jewelry box, bangle box, chocolate box and many more. It is made of two woods viz., Pine Wood and Teak Wood. It also has a double locking system.
  • Jewellery Box – 6

    This is a multi - purpose box for keeping earrings, rings, etc. It is made in a unique way hence is also called as puzzle box. The made of this box is Steam Beech Wood. It is then given paint. Inside the box a thick velvet sheet is fixed.
  • Jewellery Box – 5

    This wooden jewelry box is made of two wood i.e pine wood and teak wood. The box is painted white in color. This is a multi purpose box for keeping necklaces, bangles and other items. The flap of the box is open from the top and it has a single magnet lock for good grip.
  • Jewellery Box – 4

    This product is a very essential product for keeping small items like bangles, jewelry and other such items. It is made from Pine Wood and has been painted White in color. The flap of the box opens upwards and has a magnet lock. In the bottom of the box inside velvet has been sticked.
  • Jewellery Box – 3

    An antique looking Jewelry Box with molding on the top and bottom of the box. The box has been given a slight dome shape to get a vintage look, where in olden days people used to store there precious gems and jewelry.
  • Jewellery Box – 2

    This is a kind of 2 drawer wooden box with knobs for keeping jewelry and other articles. It is made of Canadian Pine Wood and painted white in color. The name of the company is laser engraved on it. This wooden box can be tailor - made according to the bulk buyers.
  • Jewellery Box – 1

    This is a multi - purpose wooden box which can hold jewellery, bangles, invitation cards, etc. This box comes with two magnet lock for proper grip. It has velvet inside. It is made up of Pine Wood and can be customized as per clients' requirements.